Remodeling Tips for the Exterior


If you read our last post on 5 Exterior Home Remodeling Enhancements for your home, you were able to pick up some good tips to help you whether you are planning to sell your home or just looking to improve your curb appeal. In this post we will further explore some tips you can use to improve the exterior look of your home, since that is the first thing people see before coming indoors. For interior remodeling tips check out our 7 Interior Remodeling Tips post.

When thinking about remodeling the exterior of your home you have to first take inventory of what elements most people look at when it comes to your home. Just a few of these elements are:

  • Exterior facade (paint, stone, brick, siding, stucco)
  • The main entry (pathway, door, etc.)
  • The driveway
  • Front yard (vegetation)

Each of these four areas need to be looked at in depth and a list of improvements and enhancements need to be determined so you can have the best house on the block. Even if you have a new home there can always be improvements done to make the house better, so you have to really take inventory of what you have in order to improve upon it and make it shine.

Exterior Facade

The exterior facade can be a variety of materials from stucco, to brick, to stone, to paint. There are a number of other materials you can have on your home, but the main thing you want to do is inspect whatever the exterior facade is made of for wear and tear. Once you have done this determine the type of damage is present (if applicable) and what assistance you need to call in to help you address the issue.

Main Entry

The main entry to your house is usually the first thing people interact with. Though people see your facade first, they get out of their car or walk up to your front door from your main entry. So walk this entry from the perspective of a new person and see what they see. If you take this walk you will be surprised at what you see and this will give you insight into the changes that need to be made to make your main entry amazing.


Your driveway, unless it is behind your home is an area many home owners forget to enhance that can add value to your home. Check the concrete or pavement leading up to your garage. This can be an eye sore if not taken care of and can be a massive expensive if left alone. If you are selling your home this is an expense you need to incur or it will be a part the buyer’s wishes for lowering the asking price to fix it. So the driveway should be on your list of exterior fixes.

Front Yard

The front yard is as important as any other element listed above, unless you live in a town home and maintenance is apart of the association fees. Otherwise this one element can make or break a home, but this is usually the cheapest and fastest fix. When you have overgrown grass, or trees that need to be trimmed, or plants that need to be changed usually you can do a lot of these enhancements in a weekend, unless we are talking about falling trees which is a much more expensive fix. So assuming you have a quick fix, we suggest starting here and getting the curb appeal looking right and then focus on the other elements which can take longer to repair or fix.


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