7 Home Redesign Tips

Home redesign tips

Redesigning and remodeling your home? If you are, then you are in the right place. This is your website for remodeling your home and getting your curb appeal as one of the best on the block. We have discussed remodeling tips and home improvement tips. This post will look at seven (7) home redesign tips that can make your house a home.

  1. Use the space underneath your stairs – When you have a home with stairs you have a great opportunity to have areas for several things such as a bookshelf, storage, a shoe rack, a wine rack, and many others. Often times people do not know what to do with the space underneath their stair case, but this is a great space to place items that might normally go in the back of a closet, in a basement, or in the garage.
  2. Ask your contractor about additional task – If you are planning to hire a contractor for any of your home redesign or remodeling needs then you should ask them the cost for other remodels you may have planned for the future. Often times a contractor will discount their price on a second job if it is done while they are on site tackling another job for you because they will have extra supplies to do that job as well. So if you are thinking about adding a deck, creating a tree house for your kids, adding crown molding to another room, or something similar check with the contractor to see how much extra that will cost, because you might be surprised at how much you can save.
  3. Create a pest control system in the wall РYou might be surprised at the technology available today for pest control companies. If you are tearing down walls or adding walls to a design then consult your local pest control company to see if they have the technology to add a pest control system in your walls. These systems allow the pest control person to spray safe chemicals in your walls to keep insects and rodents out.
  4. Maximize storage space – You can always use more storage space and there are ways to add this space to your home. If you look underneath your baseboards in the kitchen and bathroom often times there is room to add a pull out drawer for extra storage space. Look around your home to see any additional unused space that can be converted to storage space.
  5. Develop a getaway space – Most men want a man cave, a sanctuary where they can have fun, watch sports and not be disturbed. But many don’t realize that a hidden room can have the same elements and be a place where only your family knows where this room is, which can also house valuables in case of a theft.
  6. Create a walk in shower – A walk-in shower allows you to take a shower with out worrying about cleaning the glass. There are a number of ways this can be accomplished and you should contact your local contractor to have them give you suggestions for the best ways to build one in your bathroom.
  7. Utilize your kitchen island – The island is an often under utilized space. This area can be a great location for a mini fridge, wine rack, or other space saving elements. Look at what can be done with this space other than a sick or extra counter top, think about the uses that can help save you space.

These are just a few of the redesign tips we have for you, but check back as we are always updating this site with new and innovative post to keep your home looking good.

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